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About The Clinic

The chosen symbol of the clinic is the Trojan which is defined by the Concise Oxford Dictionary as "a person who works, plays or endures courageously".  This definition epitomizes the philosophy of this clinic.

"The coward and the hero feel the same amount of fear - it's just how they react that separates the two"

- Plato

The three most important aspects of success remain; attitude, attitude, attitude

- Denis Connor

Current & Past Players of Note
Rohan Bail   Melbourne,  Ferny Grove Falcons
David Lillico   Queensland (c),  Morningside
Shaun Tapp   Queensland,  Zillmere Eagles, Ferny Grove Falcons
Mark Dowley   Queensland,  Western Magpies
Richard 'Ice' Wenham   Western Magpies
Greg Friis   Western Magpies
Mark 'Kanga' Kennedy   St Kilda,  Wests Juniors
Tony Lynn   Carlton,  Morningside
Craig Potter   Swans,  Kenmore
Trevor Spencer   Essendon,  Jindalee

The clinic's emphasis on skill development concentrates on

Non preferred kicking
Non preferred hand passing
The seven evasive skills
Gathering the ball in all situations
One handed control of the ball
Playmaker up field
Wave play
Link Ups
The role of the Sweeper
Marking under pressure
Multiple Processing
Switching play

(Trojan Medal criteria)